Have you ever thought that its just too hard il never get there and even if i do there’s no where else to go after. Well i have something to say when your sitting their thinking this you are moving the universe in moving and their is further to go space and your dreams will always go on so never give and keep trying because you’ll always move on even if it feels like their is nowhere there is :)

Have you ever thought your life was just a show for someone, somewhere else? And every song means something to you ? well i might be it might not be but, you got to make the best of it no matter what keep going never stop and try and change the world.

I really do not know what to post xD people give meh idea’s plz

Well this is me im matt im scene of course im 16 crazy, mental, weird… well you catch my drift xD i have a lot of friends and best friends including levi (you know who you are ;D) anything else you want to know just ask im here ;)